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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and disclaimer

Responsible handling of personal data is a priority for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. We want our users to know when the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is collecting what data and for what purpose. We have taken technical and organisational measures to ensure that both we as well as external service providers comply with the provisions governing data protection.

Personal data

Personal data is information that can be used to identify you. This includes such information as your name, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number. It does not include information that is not related to your identity (such as the number of site users). In general, you can use our online services without disclosing your identity.

Data collection and storage

The Ministry uses a web tracking tool to obtain anonymous data about user visits to our websites. These data can be used to produce user profiles under a pseudonym. The cookies placed on your computer are solely used to draw conclusions about the user patterns on the Ministry's websites and to regularly review the information service we provide to the users. No personal data are retained or passed on to their parties. It is possible to withhold or withdraw consent to the future collection and storage of data at any time.

If you order informational materials or brochures, subscribe to newsletters, or register for a forum or database operated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, we will ask for your name and other personal data. You are free to decide whether or not to provide this information. We store these data on secure servers in Germany. Only a very limited number of specially authorised individuals - who are involved with the technical, commercial or editorial management of the servers - have access to these data.

We store certain data from every visit to our server for statistical and security purposes. Only the following information is stored, and for a limited time only: the IP address of your internet service provider; the date and time of access; and the pages of our website that you accessed. These data are analysed solely for the purpose of optimising our internet service and are not traceable to you. In cases of serious violations of our terms of use and in cases of unauthorised access or attempted access to our servers, we reserve the right to make use of certain data sets for the purpose of locating personal data.

Disclosure of data to third parties

When you order informational materials from our website, your personal data are used only by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the companies commissioned to distribute the material. We will not transmit your data to third parties without your express consent. If required by law or court decision, we will transmit your data to authorities authorised to receive such information.

Data protection statement for social media

The Ministry takes the ongoing debate about data protection in social networks very seriously. It is not yet clear whether and to what extent all the networks’ services are in compliance with European data protection rules.

We therefore explicitly draw your attention to the fact that the services used by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy store user data (e.g. personal information, IP address etc.) in line with their own guidelines on data usage and use it for commercial purposes.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and third parties acting on behalf of the BMWi for the Trusted Cloud project have no influence on the collection and use of the data by social networks. We are unable to ascertain the extent, the location and the duration of the data capture, the extent to which the networks meet obligations to delete data, what evaluations and links pertaining to the data are made, and to whom the data is forwarded.

Protection of minors

Children and persons under 18 years of age should not transmit any personal data to us without the consent of their parents or legal guardians. We do not request or collect personal data from children and do not transmit these data to third parties.


We have exercised the greatest possible care in compiling and activating the contents of this website and the special websites associated with it. Nevertheless, processing errors cannot be ruled out. Please submit comments and corrections here (contact). Despite the care we exercise in operating our online services, we assume no liability for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of these websites. In particular, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy assumes no liability whatsoever for damages or consequences that may result from the direct or indirect use of the content provided. As content provider, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is responsible under general legislation for the proprietary content that it makes available for use. This proprietary content is to be distinguished from external links to content made available by other providers. This third-party content does not originate from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and it is not possible for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to influence the content of third-party websites. The content of third-party websites to which we provide links does not necessarily reflect the views of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy but rather serves to provide information and additional context. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy assumes no liability for the third-party content to which it provides links as described above. The responsibility for this third-party content lies solely with the respective content provider.

Name and address of the person responsible for data processing

The person responsible within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation, of other data protection rules applicable in the EU Member States and of other related provisions is:

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
Public Relations Division
Responsibility within the meaning of Section 55 (2) of the Interstate Agreement on Broadcasting (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag) resides with:
Christina Sasch
Scharnhorststr. 34-37
10115 Berlin
Postal address: 11019 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0) 30-18 615-6141
Fax: +49 (0) 30-18 615-5208
Email: info@bmwi.bund.de
Website: www.bmwi.de


Data protection officer
Data protection officer for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
11019 Berlin